Bachelor, Master and PhD Projects

What is so special about a Bachelor or Master at MAMI?

Such projects cover the complete value chain of an experiment:

  • Design of the experiment
  • Simulation and optimisation of the setup
  • Detector construction
  • Set up and run of the experiment
  • Data analysis
  • Presentation and publication of results

⇒ we search for students who…
… have the big-picture always in mind!
… have an high sense of responsibility!
… do not hide in the crowd!


Topics (Please inquire about details!)


  • Test und Charakterisierung von neuartigen SiPMTs (Silizium- Photomultiplier).
  • Bau eines Recoil-Detektors
  • Aufbau eines Prototyps des Targets für das Neutron-Skin Experiment am MAMI und MESA


  • Development of multi-purpose fast front-end electronic
  • Construction of a new Möller Polarimeter at the MAMI accelerator
  • Construction and test of a novel highly-segmented neutron detector for the A1 setup at MAMI
  • Data-Flow Slow Control for the PXD-DAQ@Belle II

PhD Projects:

  • Transverse Asymmetries in parity violation experiments
  • Neutron-skin measurement in parity violation experiments
  • 3He Form factor measurement
  • Neutron form factor measurement
  • Production of anti-nuclei and hypernuclei at Belle II

The student will be expected to play a key role in the planning of the experiment, its setup and running and the subsequent data analysis.