I hear and I forget, 
I see and I remember, 
I do and I understand…

Posted by concettinasfienti on April 29, 2015

If we want to proceed further we need to understand each other. To understand one another we definitely need to improve our communication, and surely enough to improve communication we need to train great speakers! This is indeed true in all area of daily life but it is particularly important in science, where a major […]

“Can you find something for her?” i.e. the power of network

Posted by concettinasfienti on March 22, 2015

And it happened again…the same mail two days before deadline for the next funding proposal “Can you write a couple of sentences about gender actions?” And BTW yes we had indeed nine faculty positions over the last three years and we managed hiring nine men! We keep on organizing seminars, coaching sessions, mentoring programs, women […]

… the beginning ….

Posted by concettinasfienti on March 17, 2015

A couple of years ago within the Excellence Cluster PRISMA at the University of Mainz we begun setting up a new gender program to support women in all phases of their academic careers at the cluster and in its general research environment. We named the program after Irene Joliot-Curie, the daughter of Marie and Pierre […]