” If you can’t explain something simply, then you haven’t really understood it.”

This quote has been attributed to R. Feynman as well as A. Einstein and Niels Bohr. Well no matter who first formulated this thought, he got the real meaning and  need for teaching and working with younger scientist!

Working with students is my daily examination in physics if I want to test whether I really understood something or I am fooling myself. Sometimes it might be tiring but in the end it is always worth the effort.

You learn and above all I always learn something new and unexpected!

It is also a refueling of passion for my job, when I am overbooked with other tasks. It feels great to encourage and  to witness their scientific activities. It’s the only case in life when my greatest gratification relies in finding out I am finally useless 🙂

Be aware …your professional development will depend on how successful your supervisor will be at recognizing your abilities, encouraging the unfolding of your potential, supporting your skills and promoting your career.

… success is all about growing others