Posted by concettinasfienti on June 24, 2016

I am Italian, I work in Germany and I married a Belgian.

I have a PhD in Physics, I speak four languages, I have spent half of my existence abroad.

I could bet, if you have voted for #leave, or if you are daydreaming today of being asked to chose between #remain and #leave, because you could finally shout your deep desire of #exit… I could bet, you have not yet reached nor will you get there in any foreseeable future, a tiny part of what I have accomplished so far…

I don´t hate you, not yet, even though your silliness made me feeling an immigrant, today, for the first time after fourteen years . I feel pity, that kind of compassion every human feels in front of any living deformity.

Because you are a living deformity, you pretend to see better than others while being blind.


You can´t see the unique opportunities arising from the differences in culture, tradition, history and values. You can´t see how shrunk to almost nothing you are, by refusing to seize these differences. You can´t see the only path to your deepest and greatest fulfilment because it only goes though the life of our fellows.

You will never feel really special and you will keep on blaming the others. You never will, because we can only discover how extraordinary we are, when we realise how unique the others are.

If you were … you would #remain and with us all, those who share the same strong beliefs, make this place worth the dreams of past generations and of its concealed opportunities…


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