WS1920: Speak your Science

Modul EK: Erweiterte Kompetenzen (Physiknahe Veranstaltung)
Credits: 3 LP
In this course students will learn how to present scientific results to both layman and expert audiences. After this course they will be able to:
– organise presentation content as to make it intriguing for an audience
– present science with flair and authenticity using theatre technique, thereby increasing the impact of science communication
During the course participants will work on short presentations which they will improve along the way. Regular participation to the Physics Colloquium and critical assessment of the talks via evaluation forms will provide self-reflection.
Along with theatre and story, the use of slides, addressing different audiences and reacting to questions are also part of the course.
  • Identify key messages to bring across
  • Grab and hold the audience’s attention
  • The art of storytelling
  • Body-language communication
  • Structure of a presentation
  • Style of a presentation
  • Getting better at reading others


Logistic et al.:

Di. 15-17 (16-17 Kolloquium)
Fr. 11-12
Seminarraum 1 KPH


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