Neutron Skin of Nuclei: from Laboratory to Stars (Introductory Workshop)

Posted by concettinasfienti on April 21, 2015

Scientific program bringing together the stakeholders interested in the determination of the neutron skin of a heavy nucleus and its implications on the density dependence of the symmetry energy.

The primary goal of the program to establish quantitatively the strengths and limitations of the various experimental techniques. Moreover, in the case that theory must be used to connect the experimental observable to the neutron skin, it also essential to quantify both the statistical and systematic errors associated with such a theory.

Finally, we aim to establish what is the required precision on the neutron skin that will allow a meaningful constraint on the density dependence of the symmetry energy and ultimately on astrophysical observables.

The introductory workshop serves to pre-define goals and expectation and a two-weeks scientific program in spring next year (from 17th to 27th of May).


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